June 27, 2009

Riding Off Madly in All Directions

Poking around the An Tir Culture Wiki, I found an entry called "eureka syndrome"
A.k.a.: "I wanna do everything NOW!!!" The experience of being overwhelmed with a sudden interest in dozens of different aspects of SCA life and not knowing which to try first, or even where to begin.

Arguably, this term could also apply to the moment that someone realizes that they have fallen in love with the SCA and wants to take up hobbies that fall within its scope. Characterized by the archetypal question "Why didn't anybody tell me I could be having this much fun XX years ago?"

My fond father, listening to me talk about spinning and all the stuff I'm trying/seeing/buying/learning, asked if I wished I'd taken spinning up as a kid.

I have to say, no, if for no other reason that, as an adult, I can get around and go places alone to extend my learning whereas as a girl I would have been limited to my immediate environment.

(For the pitfalls of this, see point one, the fact that I did not learn to spin as a girl. I knew no one around who did. I don't even remember knowing anyone who kept sheep, just dairy goats. No, there was one girl at university who said her parents had sheep but sold the wool for very little. Anyway.)

As you can tell from my blog, I am riding off madly in all directions with hand spinning. Multiple projects in progress is foreign territory for me. I'm doing my best to advance on all fronts.

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