June 10, 2009

False Starts in Nalbinding, Two

This is my second attempt at nalbinding. Again, I used commercial rug weft.

I used Karen Sullivan’s (Alix Tiberga) directions, which she posts here. I used the Danish stitch.

According to Larry Schmitt's Lessons in Nalbinding: Great Hats, the pattern for Danish stitch is O/UO.

Danish stitch looked easy to learn on and also like it would solve two of problems I ran into with the Mammen stitch, as described in yesterday's post.

Danish stitch turned more easily.

The directions called for gauge tension to be made on the fabric, not the thumb, so I got more consistent results with the chunky yarn.

I hummed along, forming a foundation chain, linking it, and continuing on for a while. Then I stopped to consider exactly what I was going to make. I don’t really want a tote bag of rug weft and I don’t think anyone else does either.

I turned and reversed my stitch, to check out the result with the idea of possibly starting a new bit of nalbinding and creating a rug by going back and forth. The result was pretty good. See closeup:

At that point, the podcast I was listening to ran out, so I ended this attempt.

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