June 11, 2009

My Dad's Nalbinding Needles

Here are photos of the many nalbinding needles my beneficent father made for me.

These needles are made from maple grown on Vancouver Island.

These next needles are made from arbutus (madrona) grown on Vancouver Island. They’re not as flashy as the maple. I like arbutus trees a lot, though. They’re a symbol of the area and very funky to look at with their red peeling bark, so I like the needles. Also, I like the needles’ short length.

These long nalbinding needles are made from arbutus too.

The brilliant thing about nalbinding is that you don’t have to collect a massive slew of needles in different sizes and you can use homemade needles. Irregularity is fine, because needle size does not determine gauge.

Here's an arbutus tree on the beach

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  1. I love these trees too .... will send you one of my favorite pictures.


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