09 June, 2009

False Starts in Nalbinding, One

These are my first attempts at nalbinding. I used commercial rug weft and followed a video Krista Vanjato posts online here.

I think from looking at my copy of Anne Marie Haymes’ (Sigrid Briansdotter) Nalbinding Made Easy that the stitch is the Mammen stitch. The pattern for Mammen stitch is UOO/UUOO F2.

This attempt has some problems I’m looking to troubleshoot or avoid.

My gauge is irregular. Not only am I inexperienced with gauge here, the gauge is done on the thumb, and my thumb is too small to suit the chunky yarn. This made me really worried about getting into endless hit or miss experiments in order to spin a yarn that has a gauge to suit my thumb.

My splice, seen in the middle of the long straight strip, is shaggy and obvious.

My turns and spirals are difficult to achieve and ugly. They also don't lie flat.


  1. My friend was teaching me to make a hat. I bought some hand spun/hand died yarn (spendy for me) to make it with. I followed her instructions but now that I'm 9 rows in it won't even fit on an infant's head, much less mine. She said it should stretch, but it's not budging. Should I just take it all apart and start over?

    1. I would take it apart and start over. All the best with your nalbinding project!


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