March 20, 2013

Viking Lawn Chair

A lawn chair I restrung with rope in the York språng pattern.  As I expected, this pattern looks much better with a wide warp.

Was tricky getting the tension correct.  There are a couple of cross pieces in the frame so for comfort the mesh cannot sag too much.  You can see at the edges of the seat that the warp is bunched up there.  I had to lash that area more tightly.

Warp take up was maybe 18 inches.  I warped directly onto the frame, extending the warp from the top bar down past the bottom bar and up the back to a string stretched across the frame a foot or so above the bottom bar.

There are two types of rope in there because I underestimated requirements the first time and I had to go back to the hardware store to get another couple hundred feet.  By tracking the two different types, I discovered that the York pattern causes each warp thread to move diagonally as the rows progress.  The slightly thicker rope started out in the middle of the warp and here it is at the sides.

The interplay of S twist interlinking, Z twist interlinking, and interlacing is quite attractive.

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