March 04, 2013

Linen Warps

I have a linen warp on a loom for weaving and a small linen warp on a frame for språng.  Linen yarn is difficult to tension consistently.  Good thing I used a safety line across the frame with the språng warp to keep the strands in order.  The safety line acts like the cross does in weaving by sending even and odd threads in different directions around a divider, and thereby separating them enough to tell which is which.

The yarn is 16/2, fine compared to typical knitting yarns and many weaving yarns.  I've made an inch of språng interlinking and it is pleasing, though not as finely textured as I expected.  The two rows of holes I tried looked worse.  Already the cloth is curling from the twists so I plan to switch to interlacing instead and see how that goes.


  1. I was thinkinq about usinq linen to try spranq - i have some from the local flax to linen project - and poof here you talked about it . Awesome :)

    1. sprang with local linen yarn from the Island, that sounds excellent, Laurie!


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