March 12, 2013

Språng Sash on the ROM Website

I found an image of the following on the Royal Ontario Museum site,

Man's sash
American ?
Silk "spang" [sic] plaited and tasseled
Centimetres: 302 (length), 28 (width)
circa 1775
Area of Origin: United States of America?
Gift of the Sigmund Samuel Endowment Fund

It looks similar to the Braddock sash owned by George Washington.

ETA: There are openwork holes on a background of interlinking.  The length of the sash is divided into sections width-wise by lines, something I've seen on other språng sashes.  This arrangement is also in ancient Greek woven textiles; see Barber, Prehistoric Textiles.  While the pictures don't show everything, I do not see any figures of people or plants.  There are zig-zags, diamonds within diamonds, and triangles.  In each section with diamonds, the diamonds are lined up in a row side-by-side with one another across the width.  I cannot tell whether there are other types of språng patterning, though there is some draw in at the ends which may come from multiple thread interlinking.


  1. I had to use the id number and search on the site as your link ends up at the ROM but not direct to the sash.
    It's really detailed! Almost like a sampler.Beautiful colour too. I wonder what they used for that.
    Are you able to identify most of the pattern stitches?

    1. yes, I didn't see a way to link only to the item.

      Good question about the dye. I would guess cochineal for a few reasons but that is just a guess.

      Also good question about the pattern. I will edit the post with this information.


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