March 30, 2013

Carol James video of a Språng Sash

"Une réplique inédite de la ceinture de George Washington par Carol James" by La Liberté of Manitoba, which roughly translates as "A replica unpublished [novel, original?] of the sash of George Washington by Carol James."

The short video begins with a demonstration of how språng works in general on a tabletop loom.  James shows the "two for one," the "deux morceaux de tissue" (two pieces of cloth) you get from manipulating a warp secured at both top and bottom of a frame.  The video also shows the frame and circular warp James is using for the reproduction sash, the way twists are pushed around a circular warp, the rods used to keep the shed open securely, the patterns of holes worked so far, and the elasticity of the fabric.

I caught most of the dialogue.  I am poor with numbers in French but if I understood correctly the number of threads in the warp of the sash, the length, and the number of hours worked, they are high.

James and the interviewer use the verb tresser, to braid, to describe the action of making språng, and the captioning refers to språng as la technique de tressage Sprang.  

The two books on the table are the 1999 edition of Collingwood's The Techniques of Sprang and Skowronski and Reddy's Sprang: Thread Twisting.

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