January 22, 2013

This and That

All I have to blog about is a little of this and that.

I knitted more lime green cotton dish cloths, gave away four inexpensive spindles with wool to four beginners, washed another gallon bag's worth of Romney locks, ordered more linen yarn to weave another towel in Ms and Os, spun some BFL wool, and read some more pages of Prehistoric Textiles.

I tried out a lacy språng pattern sample and I made ridges in språng.  I recorded some how-to videos about språng, advised someone who was warping a språng frame, and watched a new Carol James språng video about her tunic.

I conversed with other handspinners about topics near to our hearts such as dyes, project planning, project design, antique wheels, spindles, fibre arts magazines, and festival shopping.

I saw most of a Canadian production wheel outside an antique shop and didn't think to take a photo.  I sewed by hand most of an apron out of a thrift store linen dress.  I threw away the thrift store linen jacket I meant to alter because the fused material inside proved too difficult to remove.

Haven't posted my språng videos to YouTube because the footage would make more sense if I make two small edits, and first I need to learn how to edit video.  There's always something to learn.

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