11 January, 2013

one hundred, eighty-second, eighty-third, and eighty-fourth skeins

Three ounces of two ply Perendale wool yarn spun thin with extra twist, and an ounce spun thicker (18 wpi for a single strand) with ordinary twist.  Extra twist makes the thin stuff harsh to the touch.

After this photo was taken, I started making the yarn up into a bog hood.  I estimated the yardage for the small skeinlettes correctly, they just had enough for the warp.  However, I ran out of the thicker yarn halfway through weaving.  I spun more with the last two ounces of Perendale.  Can really help to buy more supplies than you think you need.

There are four little skeinlettes because making a warp for card weaving is easier with the continuous method, and for that you need a ball of wool for every hole in the card.

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