01 January, 2013

New and Renewed Fibre Goals

  • make a hood with tablet weaving and språng after Candace Crockett's hood in Card Weaving (deadline: January)
  • make cloth that combines plain weave and språng (deadline: January)
  • make 2/2 interlaced språng scarf with Targhee (deadline: February)
  • learn intertwined språng
  • re-wash Hampshire wool and comb it
  • comb remainder of dingy white Romney wool or ditch it
  • re-wash a whole lot of white Romney locks, card the short salvaged pieces on a rented drum carder, and comb the full-length locks
  • spin the natural dark Romney roving
  • learn to regulate my Stovetec rocket stove using the damper, and heat dyebaths
  • dye a good tomato red with madder root powder
  • spin up the last braid of synthetically dyed wool and, forever after, use natural colour alone (deadline: November to use yarn and give item as a Christmas gift)
  • read the fibre arts books I've gotten recently (Prehistoric TextilesEcclesiastical Pomp)
  • finish reading other fibre arts books that are lingering around
  • spin from stash to reduce volume and have fewer boxes of wool sitting around
  • make another major piece of handspun clothing, with an eye to making a complete outfit someday (deadline: March or September)
  • take a risk and spin the good stuff; don't hold off out of fear, there is more good wool out there
  • use my wool combs more often because combed fibre is so very, very nice
  • focus on making lovely handspun stuff to keep and wear myself since I keep getting sidetracked on this
  • participate again in public craft demonstrations and informally coach people to spindle spin, knit, weave, tablet weave, and work språng
  • record and upload more YouTube videos about how to do språng
Not all of these will get done in the coming year but it's good to have a list for reference and bolstering resolve.  And there's a to do someday list:
  • comb the pound of dark Romney hogget
  • manage an indigo or woad vat
  • use up stashed skeins of handspun yarn
  • weave a shoulder bag
  • spin and weave a second handspun hooded jacket, this time with sleeves
  • practice nalbinding with store-bought Icelandic yarn or find an easier yarn to use
a Stovetec rocket stove heating chilli


  1. Hi Kristen,
    What a good idea to create a list of fibre goals for the year! You have inspired me to put one together. And a good idea to review them at years end. Brilliant. Thanks.

    1. thanks, Liz! I look forward to seeing your list of fibre goals. I saw already on your blog your plans to spin and knit a Holden shawlette. Sounds challenging.


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