January 02, 2013

Spinning Perendale Wool

I hope the luster on this Perendale wool comes through in the photo.  This is the first time I've spun wool from this breed of sheep.

I liked it in the store and was at the till holding my money ready when the owner said although the unlabelled braids were in the Corriedale section the wool was really Perendale.  Everyone was buying white wool to felt snowmen figures and the supplier was out of white Corriedale.

I've spun Corriedale already for the woven chocolate cake scarf, and I didn't especially want to spin the breed again.  I was just in the mood to buy something and the glossiness of these braids attracted me.  Pleasant to find they were from a breed I hadn't spun yet.

If you don't spin yarn, I should say that some handspinners like to try out as many types of fibre as they can.  Shops even sell sampler packs.

I am spinning at about 36 wpi in size and giving the strand more twist than usual in hopes that the finished 2 ply yarn will stand up to the abrasion and tension of card weaving.  In the same shop I had another look at Candace Crockett's Card Weaving and examined the picture of a reproduction Danish bog hood.  That's what I plan to make.  The piece is begun with card weaving to make a strap.  Then the strap's fringe is worked in språng.  I will spin a looser, thicker yarn for the fringe.

The construction is clever.  I expect it is a good starting point for pieces that combine significant sections of weaving and språng, my next direction.  I also expect the hood is easier to do than something like the Tegle stocking which has card weaving in four places across the språng.

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