September 13, 2012

Sprang Video from National Trust's Chedworth Roman Villa


As far as I can tell, this video shows the approximate dimensions to use to make a hairnet based on historical data.  The National Trust's Chedworth Roman Villa interprets fourth century Roman times in England.

I'm trying to piece this together with some other mentions of hairnets.  Collingwood writes of Greek hairnets made with sprang on small frames.  There is a modern illustration of a hairnet on the website of the Nationalmuseet in Denmark in connection with the exhibit of the Bronze Age woman from Skrydstrup.  The illustration shows how the hairnet is worn but not how it is constructed.  There is also a picture of the woman's remains on that page, just so you know.  The caption does not say that the hairnet is made with sprang, only that the woman was buried with it and with a woollen cap made with sprang.

Chedworth has some other videos as well.  I particularly like "Dyeing with Plants,"  The green from weld over-dyed with woad looks great.

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