26 September, 2012

Freshly-spun Yarn, Outside, in Perfect Weather

Enjoyed myself at the educational demonstration of handspinning this past weekend, out in public on a sunny day with friends, chatting strangers up about yarn and local fiber.

Remembered to bring along a strick of flax for the display table and it went over well.  Flax looks and feels so much different than wool yarn or roving.  One of our group was spinning flax on her wheel so it was nice to have flax for people to handle.

A couple of the handspinners took a shot at working a row or two of interlinking on my språng frame, which made me happy.  

Saw a little girl picked a walnut up off the ground, and I went over and showed her a lock of wool dyed brown with walnut hulls.

The best moment for me was introducing a teacher and naturalist to the handspinner who grows and uses natural dye plants.  Oh, there was some excitement there.

"Isn't that a contradiction?" someone said, pointing to one of us who was sitting in front of her spinning wheel using a smart phone on her lap.

"Not really," I said, "if you notice near her foot, you'll see that her spinning wheel has plastic parts.  We're not re-enacting history."

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