10 September, 2012

Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds Admit Impediments

I took my språng frame out into the field, the field being Thomas Jefferson's Monticello for a Mulberry Row artisan day with other weavers and handspinners, and I worked on a piece while talking to tourists.  I found that having a frame and a piece of cloth in front of my face was a bit of an impediment to conversation.  Like I was behind a woolly duck blind.  The sitting position was restful though; ordinarily, I stand and spin with a drop spindle at fibre arts demonstrations.

I managed to pull off new språng moves, a couple of flowers and some rows that drew in the edges of the fabric by interlinking multiple threads at a time.  These build a little on what I've done so far, they're not a great leap forward like interlacing was for me.  Considering that I was talking to people and working from memory without a book it was okay.  Didn't have to undo and redo much.

My copy of Collingwood's book stayed in the car because it is so expensive and it has sentimental value as a discard from a library system in Canada I belonged to for years.  Expats cling to little things like this.  I only brought The Techniques of Sprang along so I could cram in the parking lot before going up the hill.  I put my spare copy of The Family Creative Workshop: Silversmithing to Sprang out on display.  No problem if it gets rained on or knocked over.

I did språng in the morning and spindle spinning mostly in the afternoon.  Gave away two spindles.

A blacksmith was making nails and I chatted him up about flax hackles.  Flax hackles look a lot like nails set in a board, and to my knowledge new sets of hackles only come custom ordered from a blacksmith.

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