08 September, 2012

More Scottish Screen Archives

Shetland Wool http://ssa.nls.uk/film.cfm?fid=3561.  Shows a knitting sheath, a lace sweater, supported spinning, flax spinning and hackling, and other things.

Making a Spinning Wheel at Portsonachan,

Eriskay - A Poem of Remote Liveshttp://ssa.nls.uk/film.cfm?fid=1701.  Gathering lichen, dyeing by layering lichen and wool locks in an iron pot over a fire, spinning yarn, warping, waulking.

Holidaying in Harrishttp://ssa.nls.uk/film.cfm?fid=0136.  More dyeing with lichen, spinning long draw with very long rolags of wool.

Enchanted Isleshttp://ssa.nls.uk/film.cfm?fid=1943.  Another handspinner on the island of Harris spinning with very long rolags.  Wild iris leaves shown gathered for green dye but no actual dyeing.

Evacuation of St. Kildahttp://ssa.nls.uk/film.cfm?fid=0793.

Iona: Dove Across the Waterhttp://ssa.nls.uk/film.cfm?fid=3068.  Starting at the 15 minute mark, a woman spinning with an (imported) Ashford Traveller wheel in a field with sheep, man operating a fly shuttle loom.

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