February 14, 2012

Tablet-woven Sampler

Happy Valentine's Day!

I warped with two strands each of pink and white per card, threaded adjacently, then did as many tablet weaving variations as I fancied.  There are still a few left to try out.  Descriptions are taken from Peter Collingwood's The Techniques of Tablet Weaving.

Below, left to right.  "Twisting the long axis of the band, the right half in one direction and the left half in the other so that the undersurface becomes the upper."  "Transposing warp by crossing threads" in groups of three on the righthand edge only, difficult to see.  Would look much better on a warp with cards threaded with all one colour, each group in a contrasting colour.  "Warp-faced plain weave double cloth" with pattern-making: in the centre, I interchanged pink with white.

More warp-faced plain weave double cloth, some with the weft connected only at one side to create a pocket, some with the weft connected at both sides to create a tube.

"Omitting wefts" to make cords of twisted warp.  "Plain weave and hopsack, combined with floats on both sides of the band."

I can't remember exactly what this next section is, but I do know the section on the left of the picture has the colours changing in straight lines, and the section on the right side of the picture has the colours changing in diagonal lines.  The cards are threaded S and Z, and there's a reversal line in the middle.  There's an error at the top left of the photo which I liked and left as it was.  The messy selvage, the loops on the edges, could have done with some attention.

The cards on the righthand side of the band are threaded one way (Z?) and have the colours changing to make diagonal lines going one way, and the lefthand side of the band is set up the opposite way to give a chevron.  Partway through the direction of the cards is reversed, creating a lozenge or diamond.  Before that, to the right of the picture, the cards were all threaded for diagonal lines going the same way.  The bend in the diagonal line is made with a reversal in direction.  Here I did make a nice selvedge.

More diagonal lines, but made with cards threaded alternately S and Z.  Easier to turn the cards with alternate threading but the line of the pattern is visually broken and distorted.  The loop is where I started weaving.  "Woven loop, starting at one side of a continuous warp."  You start in the middle with a pack of cards on either side, weave one way, weave the other, then bend the warp in half and weave with both packs of cards.  It's slick.  Double weave (above) was even more fantastic to do, because you turn the cards on their points and weave through two sheds.

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