February 15, 2012


I had been putting supplies away little by little as they accumulated, then got a little fuzzy on how much I had and where.  Since I plan to do something eventually with it all, the storage method was unsatisfactory.  I was doing well with unspun fibre but not with my handspun.  I had placed skeins higgledy-piggledy into a couple of white cotton pillow slips and put them in banker boxes in a closet.

Now the skeins and a few other fibrous things are inside individual zippered plastic bags lined up on the shelves of a solid wood bookcase.  The photo shows the shelves partway done.

I got the bookcase recently for very little money at a second hand shop.  It's a lightweight bookcase, I got it home by myself.  It's a shallow style, the kind that safety-minded people avoid because it can tip over.  I propped up the front legs with thin shims of cork to ward against tipping.

BFL gets its own shelf, third from the top.

I dislike the use of that much plastic.  I prefer to store things out of sight but am going with this, at least for a bit.

While sorting I found some misplaced stitch markers.  I can scratch "find markers" off my mental list.  Also on the topic of organizing and finding homes for things, the stitch markers are now in a sturdy little cardboard box with a frosted plastic cover that slides like a matchbox's.  On the topic of keeping things in matchboxes, I am now singing the "Alexander Beetle" song.

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