February 16, 2012

Saved Snippets and Sample Books

I've been saving the little ties off used skeins of my handspun for the purpose of creating a sample book.  It's time to chuck them and the project.  A sample book filled with old handspun snippets sounds clunky and useless.  Moth bait.  There's very little yarn there I would ever want to replicate or review.

Let me review my current list of goals.  Right, "make a sample book" is not there.  Must ditch well-meaning intentions and focus on what I really want to make.


  1. It's a bit of a relief to see you write this. I feel like I should keep a catalog of my spinning, but it feels like an externally imposed goal, like I should want to keep a sample book. But I'm not sure I do!

  2. ah, all the best as you resolve this, Kate!

    I know some virtuous people who keep sample books of yarn from dye workshops, spinning workshops, and their own studies, and woven fabric samples from newsletters. They like keeping them and they use them for reference and show and tell.

    I record my skeins on this blog as I go, so it's not like I'm going completely without. It's enough of a memory aide that I can see my growth and progress. And it's tidy.


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