February 11, 2012

Eye of Partridge

I am knitting socks–my first pair, so exciting–with some store-bought yarn, Kroy, so that I don't have to wait until I spin proper sock yarn to get the wool handknit socks whose fit everyone tells me will irrevocably and fundamentally change my life.

Why no, there is no peer pressure when knitters get together.  Not a sausage.

I've started in on the heel flap.  The stitch here is eye of partridge.  I am pleased with the look and texture of the fabric.  It takes four rows to make one repeat of the stitch.  In the evening I did three repeats, enough to get the effect.  In the morning I went and picked up the sock-in-progress just so I could admire the eye of partridge.

eye of partridge stitch, DyakCraft sock needles

I like the thickness of the fabric too, compared to the stockinette on the leg.  It's meant to stand up to abrasion.

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