November 12, 2011

Maplelea Girls Dolls

According to the product description, you get pages explaining how yarn is made when you buy the Close Knit casual fall outfit (item KT40) for the Maplelea Girls doll Taryn.  The tie-in is that Taryn cares about the environment and repurposed yarn to embellish her clothes.

The doll company, Avonlea Traditions, used to make Anne of Green Gables dolls.  The Maplelea Girls dolls are 18 inches, and their concept is similar to American Girl dolls only with all contemporary themes rather than historic ones.  And Canadian themes.

Another doll, Saila, has some accessories that are made in the province of Nunavut, such as the Pang hat and the Amazing Amauti.  The amauti is "made according to traditional design" and the shape looks much like Inuit clothing I once saw in a museum exhibit.

ETA: if you found this post using search words for this type of doll, you might enjoy my post about the handspun, handknit hats I made for a friend's daughters' dolls.

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