November 09, 2011

Spun Sample of Romney Hogget

I spun samples of a teased lock of hogget wool to get an idea of the yarn I can get from it.  The wool is undyed Romney, from Vancouver Island, B.C.  If I read the label correctly, the sheep's name was Dewey.

Suitability of yarn depends on its end use so when I pick I need to consider that as much as what's pretty.

Let's set end use aside for a minute, because my mind shies away from pinning down exactly what I want to do with the wool.  I got four pounds of brown hogget plus another pound of darker Romney hogget.  Have never bought anywhere near this much of any one fibre before.  With this and an additional five pounds of white Hampshire cross, I probably doubled my wool on hand.  I'm somewhere between "whoa" and "now we're getting somewhere."

I think the thick sample looks nice.

When I bought the Hampshire cross (not shown), the miller brought out a selection of down breeds for me to choose from.  If memory serves they were Dorset, Dorset cross, Clun Forest, Suffolk, and Suffolk crossed with Rambouillet.  All locally raised.  All pre-washed, a feature I love.

When I've bought from shepherds I've gotten fewer wool breeds to select from.  When I've bought from a store-front or online supply shop I've paid more per pound.

ruler, for scale

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