November 11, 2011

one hundred, thirty-sixth skein

Here's an example of a skein that I didn't see coming.  My first experiment in Navajo plying failed to make the yarn I was hoping to get.

I planned to make a slouchy hat with large sections of stockinette interrupted by knitted lace, with long colour repeats.  Because the roving had short stretches of colour, the skein's repeats are short.  This would obscure the lace.  Back to the drawing board.

I need to find a use for this skein someday.  It is one ounce of worsted weight BFL yarn in the Velvet Elvis colourway from Gale's Art.

As for Navajo plying, I'm sure it has its uses but I wasn't crazy about doing the technique.  At least I can say I've tried it.

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