August 11, 2011

Sheep Beads

I bought these cute sheep pendants from Sandra, a glass bead maker and handspinner.  I got to choose from the many in her box of lampwork beads when I met her near Parksville, B.C.

It took me a while to pick the ones I liked best.  The beads are all a little different.  There are various colours, including colours never found on sheep in nature.  Each sheep has a unique expression that comes from the placement of the head, ears, and so on.  Some are round rather than flat in shape.

Sandra also had orifice hooks with sheep bead handles.

It was fun to listen to other handspinners pick over the beads and make jokes like, "This sheep is such-and-such a breed because its ears go up."  What was it, Cheviot?

As always, I need to disclose anything that might influence my opinion of an item: Sandra gave me a price break on the white sheep when she heard I was taking it back to my guild at home to put into our holiday gift swap in December.

Sandra can be contacted through her blog,; expect a bit of delay in reply.

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