August 08, 2011

one hundred-twenty-first through -twenty-fourth skeins

Yarn spun from some dyed bits of wool roving marked "local" at the Loom, a supply shop near Duncan, B.C.  Must be from a down breed because the wool has a lot of springiness.  Squish it and it bounces back.

I find this wool more interesting after it's spun.  Spinning down breed wool is more of a chore than with other types of wool.  I have to tug at the roving in spots as I go because it won't draft smoothly, and I have to accept slubs.

The colour is what induced me to buy it.  The bin of wool also contained strips of roving in muddy dark colours.  It was fun to hunt for the bits of intense, clear colour that I liked.

One of the spinners I talked to when I visited Halifax, N.S. said that when she first started spinning she spun with down breed wool raised locally.  She switched to more conventional breed wool for handspinners afterward but she got the warmest, most durable socks out of that yarn.

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