August 22, 2011

one hundred twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh skeins

Spun a couple of skeins of Gale's Art Blue Face Leicester in a blue that was not named and was not a repeatable shade of hers.  One skein is 2 ounces and about 138 yards; the other is 1 1/3 ounces and about 112 yards.

Wasted 20 grams by combining three strands for a 3 ply and running out of one bobbin before the others.  I expected that would happen because my fingers just couldn't seem to keep the gauge fine on the first spindleful, not as fine as I meant it to be.

I began by spinning wool on my laceweight spindle.  I measured out the wool into three parts, spinning one and one-third ounces at a time.  Once the spindle was full, I transferred the singles to a bobbin and continued until all four ounces of wool were spun.  I plied using another spindle from The Spanish Peacock that I bought this year to use for plying after my old no-name spindle (the broken one held together with tape) finally had the biscuit.  It weighs twice as much as the laceweight spindle and has a deeper hook to hold thicker yarn.  Both are made of cherry and walnut.

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