August 29, 2011

A Cuff to Test Wool

I knit a cuff out of a little leftover Sweet Grass Targhee wool top I spun into yarn last year.  The cuff was meant to show me how it wears and how I felt about wearing it.

This yarn was spun thicker than the fine fibre really calls for.  You could dispute that and say I just want every yarn I spin to come out fine and you might be right.  I untwisted a small piece and checked to see how comfortable I was drafting a thin strand.  I found I could get quite a fine gauge, so that was good.

The wool has a lot going for it: softness, attractive colour, traceable to a region and to a breed, North American origin meaning less distance travelled, that sort of thing.

I found myself looking at the cuff and reproaching it for having a surface that was matte, not lustrous like the wool from longwool sheep is.  The Targhee breed was derived from 3/4 finewool and 1/4 longwool sheep.  No matter how much I want to believe it will, the matte surface is not going to suit my taste.

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