22 January, 2011

second pair of mittens

The second pair of mittens I've knit are finished and looking rather sweet in this photo.  The mitts are in an envelope now, winging their way to a dear relative in Canada.  Knit from the same pattern I made up for the first pair, but a little shorter at the top and bottom.

A number of people tried these on for me so I could see how they fit, and the mitts fit a surprising range of hand sizes.  I guess that's the flexibility of the open top.

The yarn is a little ecru BFL and almost all of the last ball from skeins sixty-three through sixty-six which I spun in July of last year out of "Long Time No Sea" BFL from [Gwen Erin natural fibers].  Those skeins went mostly into the Old Shale Smoke Ring but that one ball of yarn stuck around waiting for an opportunity to be made into a little something to coordinate with the cowl.

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