January 19, 2011

A Project That's Not Turning Out As Envisioned

I am trying to knit an earwarmer band.  It's made of the same handspun as the green fingerless mitts I made recently.  I want a headband that will keep my ears warm in windy, cold weather and that can stay in my coat pocket until needed without taking up much room.

This tube of stockinette feels too thick.  I am stopping to reassess the plan.  I'm on my second size of needles here, having already knit up quite a lot on smaller needles.  That really made a thick, inflexible fabric.

Just to see what my alternatives are, I plan to swatch some 1x1 rib knitted flat so there is only one layer of fabric in order to cut down the bulk.  (If you don't knit, stockinette curls badly when knit flat so is not suitable, at least not without a different stitch on the edges which I don't want.)

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