August 13, 2010


Yesterday I sounded all resolved about knitting a handspun sweater out of the ailing, incomplete scarf so I can be finished with the yarn.

The first step would be to frog the scarf.

Have I frogged the scarf? No.

I still like closure, I want closure. And to go off on a tangent, I watched a recent film version of a stage production of Hamlet and was irked that Fortinbras didn't show up at the end. As the commentaries say, he is the only one in the unabridged version out of the three young men, Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras, who gets any closure on the death of his father. Also, if Fortinbras doesn't show up, Horatio can't fulfill his promise to Hamlet and tell Fortinbras what happened, thereby getting closure himself. How unsatisfying.

But back to my plans to knit my first sweater and the reason I am stalled. I am afraid of messing up, of having to redo a lot of work, of getting a tideline where a dyelot ends, and of creating a sweater friends call interesting.

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