18 August, 2010

Contemplating a Sweater Pattern

I went looking on Ravelry for sweater patterns trying to find one that met my requirements.

I want one that is a good fit but not form-fitting, so I will only have to knit once and not rip out stitches because the size is wrong. I want one where it doesn't matter if one skein doesn't match the next exactly. I want one that could use different colours but not require colour-work, since I don't yet know how to knit anything but alternate rows of colour. I'd like something stunning that you can't get ready-made for love or money. I want to knit with the needles I already own, and I want to use up the peacock-coloured merino yarn I have on hand as well as more fiber from my stash.

I thought these were impossible qualities to find all in one sweater. Actually, I found a type of cardigan sweater that would do, except it would require new needles, which is not an insurmountable problem.

There are a number of pattern variations for this sweater out there. It can best be described as a very large circle of knitting with two holes where you make armholes and put sleeves if you want them. The sweater drapes attractively like a piece of bias-cut woven cloth.

Armed with this vision of a sweater, I pulled out more colours of merino fiber from my stash to see how well they would go in combination with the peacock handspun.

Turned out I was asking the wrong question. The question I should be asking is, do I ever want to wear the peacock-coloured merino? No, I don't. The colour is fantastic. The quality of my spinning is fine. The matte texture repels me. I cannot make myself like the yarn. I want glossy, lustrous clothes. I want Blue Face Leicester, and there is no use forcing the point with merino.

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