August 17, 2010

Celtic Gift Shop

I am in need of a little inspiration, as I try to plan my first sweater. I dropped into a gift shop that specializes in Celtic products to see the sweaters there.

I suppose this visit to a Celtic shop is also due to the fact that it is August and in August when I was young my parents and I would look at sweaters imported from Scotland. We shopped for shoes and clothes in Victoria, British Columbia. On Government street, the main tourist area which is lined with good quality shops, there was, and still was the last time I checked, a store full of plaids, tartans, and wooly sweaters, and we would always stop in and look.

Sadly, I am far from Government street. I am in Virginia, and the clerk in the Celtic shop here tells me they stock very few sweaters nowadays since the climate is warm and people don't buy them.


  1. I think that going to clothing stores to get ideas is a great way! Especially for sweaters, it can be hard to figure out exactly the design you would want.

  2. thanks, Shelby!

    I know it's important to respect pattern copyright, so I only look at general shape and style, but quality construction and fiber are always inspiring.

  3. sorry if I sounded a little cautious in my reply, I just remember cluelessly photographing a sweater at a fiber festival and being asked by the owner/designer to delete the image.


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