August 09, 2010

Inured to Knitting Lace

I am making headway on the Old Shale Smoke Ring and I am daring to hope that the end is in sight.

There was a point early on where I had to force myself to knit the lace, telling myself that I didn't ever have to do lace again if I didn't want to but I had to finish this first piece.

I am inured now.

The cowl got out and about a wee bit. I got to talk with a very pleasant Scot who helped me in a shop with a non-yarn purchase. As we checked a model number on my shopping list, I let a comment drop about yarn-spinning supplies being on my list too, and I waited to see if her eyes lit up. Yes, she was interested in yarn, she had learned to knit in school and kept it up. When I had to go back to the shop later, I brought this work-in-progress to show her.

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