09 September, 2009

Useful Plants: Walnuts

Another useful plant for spinning listed in Buchanan's A Weaver's Garden

Page 97: Walnuts hulls for brown dye. I have stained my hands gathering walnuts for eating so I knew dyeing wool with walnut hulls was possible.

I got to see this piece of wool a skilled dyer in our guild had dyed with walnuts and some other natural dyes. You can see the wool draped over her spinning wheel's tensioner, which is the knob at the end. She said the dye bath was partially exhausted when she put this wool in, and that's why the colour is relatively light for a walnut dye.


  1. Hi - i love the natural fibre colour - ive ordered 'A Dyer's Garden' by Rita from overseas - i hope its as good as the reviews say :)

  2. thanks, Valli, I'd forgotten Buchanan has another book


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