September 26, 2009

Springing for a Sprang Book

The lowest-priced copy of Peter Collingwood's The Techniques of Sprang: Plaiting on Stretched Threads on the Advanced Book Exchange was, get this, in a used bookstore in Nanaimo. Sold! What are the chances it would be in a bookstore I've probably been in before?

This book acquisition is in aid of my ambition to
-learn ways to turn handspun into useful wearable clothes
-try obscure, ancient techniques of making cloth
-use tools and equipment that are handpowered and within reach of your average urban peasant*

*I loved the Urban Peasant cooking show and cookbooks. In the words of the host, James Barber, "Cooking ought to be fun, and it ought to be easy, and it ought to be something we can all do together, and enjoy, together."

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