24 September, 2009

Not for the Purist

Of course, if I do get a great wheel, it will probably look more like the one on the Mother Earth News website that's made from scrap wood and a bicycle tire.

Not that I'd mind. I don't require a great wheel that looks authentic to a time-period.

On the contrary, I am keen on showing spinning as an activity for everyday life today.

I like that this great wheel takes advantage of common modern scrap materials.

And, consider this: a reproduction great wheel with wooden hoop rim can list around $1 500, but the bicycle tire rim great wheel cost its makers $2.50 at the time of publication. If I asked myself whether I really thought one was really 600 times better than the other, I would have to say, let's at least try the cheaper option first.

Though preferably with an added Minor's head attachment and a way to adjust the tension.

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