September 15, 2009


I'd been looking for a while for the direct contact information of Houndesign, ever since I saw a couple of their rim-weighted, top whorl drop spindles at a spinning retreat on Vancouver Island.

Houndesign makes spinning tools in the city of Vancouver, B.C., out of local and exotic wood.

They were, at the time of the retreat, the closest known local commercial spindle supplier.

I hear that since then, starting on Victoria Day, someone started selling Vancouver Island-made drop spindles at the Moss Street Market in the city of Victoria.

If you're not familiar with the geography, the city of Victoria is on the south end of Vancouver Island, which is 200 miles long. To travel between Vancouver Island and the city of Vancouver across the Strait requires a long ferry trip. When you say local to someone on Vancouver Island, they do not think city of Vancouver.

Victoria Day has nothing to do with the city of Victoria, though they hold a nice parade. The day is a statutory holiday (bank holiday, long weekend) in late May across Canada.

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