August 26, 2009

Striped Roving

This is my first use of colour-striped roving. It was either a test strip or seconds from the free bin of a trunk sale an independent dyer held, Scarlet Fleece.

Remember I said I would be upfront and disclose when I received anything from a company, so that you would know if this blog is influenced by outside considerations? This is disclosure.

Also on the theme of disclosure, you might remember the woman I've mentioned whose husband makes drop spindles (the name he uses is Leaf Squeezer spindles). She recently gave me two drop spindles made out of wood I gave her from my dad's scrap bin. I gave the wood outright thinking her husband would enjoy using it; I wasn't expecting anything back.

I doubt either of them knows that I even have a blog. I got the roving well before I started this blog.

Right, back to the roving.

Here it is the way I got it:

And here it is, from left to right, torn into sixths, torn into twelfths, spun at 40 wpi on the spindle, and wrapped by hand on a bobbin ready for the lazy Kate in order to spin the singles into three ply yarn.

The idea is to get the colour repeats in the singles to match up with each other when plied to create a self-striping yarn.

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