11 August, 2009

Increasing the Linen in my Life

I love, love, love the feel of linen cloth. I kind of wish cotton hadn't become the path of least technological resistance, in a sort of romantic hope that that would make linen products more widely available.

So anyway, in the real world, I'm trying to get more linen in my daily life.

I have some linen cloth and thread on order. I plan to sew tea towels and an apron to replace my tatty cotton specimens. Am very thankful for businesses out there serving re-enactors, on-line shops that carry fine linen materials at good prices.

Speaking of replacing tattered scruffy stuff, I have some (disreputable-looking) dish cloths and I'm trying to identify their weave pattern in my in the copy of Marguerite Porter Davison's A Handweaver's Pattern Book that a kind member of our guild passed along to me. Perhaps I will learn to weave proper dish cloths, the kind that pucker and crinkle, in linen thread.

The pattern might be huck-a-back. The next step after identifying the pattern would be learning how to read weaving patterns.

Another next step in increasing the linen in my life? That would be to get out the linen fibre I have (also given to me by the same kind person, fibre raised by her own hand, wow) and try spinning it.

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