12 August, 2009

Playing with Twisty Sticks

A couple members of our guild did an educational display and demonstration at a farmers' market so I joined them.

I showed some kids how to spin yarn with a twisty-stick. In the photo I'm holding the end of a strip of wool and the kid is twisting the stick, which has the fibre secured in the fork of the stick. He got a wrist strap of wool to take home.

The Alen Amos Big Book of Handspinning shows an attractively-shaped Scandinavian twisty-stick on page 19 along with directions for making one out of a coat hanger. (Looking at twisty-stick in the index, I just discovered there are plans with dimensions for making all sorts of spinning tools at the back of the book. Yeah! This is all I know about this book; don't tell me how it ends.)

improvised twisty-stick:

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