August 27, 2009

Plying the Striped Roving

Here's what happened when I made three ply out of the striped roving.

The middle bobbin is left with a fair bit of leftover singles: not so good.

There are three possibilities for the leftovers.

One, I failed to use the correct amount of roving strips for each bobbin. I don't think I did this.

Two, when I tore the strips they were not equal. I think they were fairly equal but since I didn't weigh them all, this could be the case.

Three, I varied in my gauge and since some of the singles or parts of the singles were thinner than others, the colours failed to match up.

I am guessing the cause is a combination of unequal strips and uneven gauge.

The result is a yarn that has three colours going on at once in almost every part, except for the dusty pink beginning which makes sense as that's the only place where the three singles' colours were in sync.

I was trying to achieve more of a space-dyed look, but the result is interesting anyway and I'll take what I can get. I am pleased that I've made a sport weight three ply that is much thinner than the last bulky one.

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