11 February, 2013

Handspun in My Real Wardrobe

I've thought about what concerns I have about my proposed språng pullover, the concerns that hold me back from starting.

I fear that I will find the result somewhat unwearable, ill-proportioned, and not for me.

I know I should start anyway since my chance of getting something wearable increases when I make things to wear.

Still, out of everything handspun I've made, I've only kept and used the Susie's Reading Mitts as part of my real wardrobe.  That's not much.

after two winters' use

With the mitts, I had the advantage of a pattern to follow.  For a språng pullover, I know of no pattern.  All I have are an understanding of general principles and techniques, some practice on small pieces, and exposure to a handful of pictures from books and websites that show finished interlinked pullovers.  I don't want interlinked språng, I want interlaced.  Anyway, it is not much but it is enough to go on.  I will remind myself that two years ago after some dithering I got up my nerve and knit two matching mittens for the first time.

Wearability isn't my only criteria for success but right now it's in the fore.

I'm looking for that crossover point where you can tell by looking at me I've acquired and applied skills congruent with my opinions on pollution, biodiversity, sense of place, resilient systems for meeting basic needs, fair trade, owning the means of production, and such.

I'm also looking to wear beautiful white linen and natural white, grey, and black wool.  I recently saw a photo of grey Wensleydale wool handpun in Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot.  Just lovely.

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