09 February, 2013

Path of Least Resistance and Least Glory

I am half-heartedly working on the narrow bit of York språng, and I am knitting blue cotton dish cloths for another family member who commented favourably on my photo of the last batch.

I took a half-finished dish cloth to a lecture so I could knit while I waited for things to start, and I saw someone else there knitting.  That was a pleasant surprise.  I am often around knitters at fibre meet-ups but am rarely so otherwise.

I'm delaying the start of my big project of a språng pullover, and not for any good reason either.  There are reasons, but not good ones.  I feel flighty.

My large woven linen Ms and Os towel is on the go.  Almost all of the warp is threaded through the heddles, and that is some consolation.

I am waiting for a mail-ordered ratchet that cinches up stretched cord.  I was displeased with the way the thick dowel at the bottom of the frame left a good chunk of the språng bog hood unworked.  I want to put a thin cord across the frame in the Nordic manner to stretch the warp.  That allows the twists to go right up to the end of the warp, leaving less unworked.

This missing tool doesn't excuse my lack of handspinning for the pullover, though.  No dauntless hero, me.

There are advantages to knitting dish cloths instead of working toward the glory that shall be mine when I make the pullover.  Mostly, dish cloths are easy for me.  There is no gauge to figure out.  My knitting gauge is consistent; by contrast, handspinning, weaving, or språng require attention.  I've memorized the pattern.  I can sit down and be comfortable in an easy chair.  I can look up from my work and keep stitching.  I know how long it will take me to finish, and I come to the end of a dish cloth quickly.  Also, knitting is portable and fairly unobtrusive.

I'm going to have to get over it.  I will tell myself that the handspun språng pullover is the smart project to work on now.  I'll assure myself that it's okay if I botch the job through inexperience, and swatches will help.  I will ask myself what else concerns me about a språng pullover and puts me off.

I might make a Tegle-pattern språng scarf first, as a warm-up exercise.

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