October 12, 2012

"Thus Passes the Glory of the World" and the Chocolate Cake Scarf

I spun and wove a wool scarf the colour of chocolate cake.

Wore it to a fibre festival.

Chopped it into bits a few days later to make samples for a weavers guild newsletter that will have a pattern draft and a good word for breed-specific wool yarn.

Friends objected.  "The handspun is too nice," they said.  Me, I am fine with a transitory scarf.  Amuses me to think of it like a meteor shooting across the sky and burning out.  Plus, weavers look forward to getting mail.

Now that I've used it, I know Ashford Corriedale is slightly itchy worn against the neck.  I spun the entire half pound bag of wool and wove with only several yards of yarn to spare.  Nice to have tried it out and be done with it, ready to move on to another type of wool or go back to my favourite BFL.

I wore the scarf while window shopping at the local yarn shop, hoping the owner would notice and say something about the effort I'd put into making the thing or my choice of wool and pattern.  She didn't.  Ah, well.  I could take it as a compliment, an indication that the scarf didn't announce itself as handmade.  More likely, at the moment she talked to me it was less important for her to to scout for handmade woollens and more important to look at my face to see if I needed assistance before turning back to the customer that was with her.

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