17 October, 2012

Salt and Lemon

I may, possibly, have met up with friends for a knit and natter at a sandwich shop.

I may have shown them my skeins dyed with goldenrod, madder, and indigo.

A fine sprinkle of powdery excess indigo may have fallen off onto the table.

I may have swiped at the dye with a damp napkin instead of brushing the bits with a dry napkin, and we may have scrubbed the stained table ruefully with the contents of more than a few salt packets and several lemon wedges.  Maybe.


  1. After dyeing them, Did you rinse them in cold water untill it ran clear?

  2. thanks, no, I didn't. At the dye workshop I was told not to rinse the indigo ones until the indigo had oxidized thoroughly. I let them dry and took them home. I showed them to my friends the next day in that state, meaning to rinse them later.


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