October 13, 2012

Handspun Cloth Men Like

I showed the chocolate cake scarf to a couple of men of my acquaintance that have worked with textiles.

"I like that pattern," said one, "that appeals to me."

"You could wear that all winter," said the other, in the sort of manner that means a person could generally, not just me specifically.  He got a pained look on his face when he heard I planned to retire it now in the first week of cold weather: "But you could wear it."

This got me thinking about what men generally like in textiles and how it doesn't mesh with the broad current trends in handspun yarn and cloth toward soft colours, elaborate patterns, and delicate fibres done in styles identifiable as feminine.  Knitted lace shawls, for example.

I wonder what the reaction at a fibre festival would be to a display of well-made sober, stout handspun, handwoven and handknit men's clothes.

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