May 24, 2012

The Revelatory Powers of a Dog Comb

I got a dog comb, an all-metal long tooth medium comb, to open up wool locks.

Used it on some glossy adult Romney locks I bought already washed and it worked well.  (This is the wool I dyed with Scotch broom.)

Used it on some of the washed brown Romney hogget locks I got last fall.  Discovered a tender lock or two.

When I bought the hogget I wanted to make myself something to wear out of wool from Vancouver Island, which it is, but now however I think this particular wool is not for me.  It's not just the fact that some of it broke away when tugged, nor merely the tedium of processing, it's that it has a matte texture not glossy and a tighter crimp than I like to see.


  1. yes! I use a lot of dog grooming tools when processing wool by hand! They work well and they're cheap compared to the official wool tools. I also understand the tedium of wool processing - I highly recommend listening to audio books during this work. :)

  2. thanks, and agreed about the price! Also a dog comb can go through airport security (though they did open the bag to look).


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