May 14, 2012

Wool Dyed with Scotch Broom

Not a bad result, eh?  I don't know what I am most pleased with about this project: dyeing with a natural dye, learning how to use a camp stove so that I can dye on my own, or gleaning an invasive plant that is free and plentiful.  Scotch broom is a pest on Vancouver Island. 

If you are wondering how I did this, I chopped about a gallon of stems that were just about to flower, covered them with water, brought the water to a boil, simmered it for an hour, and then let it stand overnight.  I strained the dye bath through cloth (an ECObags produce bag), brought the dye bath to a boil, then added a quarter pound of wool mordanted with alum, simmered it for an hour, let it cool, then dried it in a thin layer on a towel.  The towel got stained.  Basically I followed Buchanan's instructions for dyer's broom in The Weaver's Garden.

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