January 28, 2012

Article on Caring for Items Made of Bone

I found it helpful to read Colleen Wilson's post, "What the Bones Know," on the Royal BC Museum blog, since I own some bone nalbinding needles.  Wilson covers conservation considerations and she explains the structure of the material.  She doesn't state whether the museum's new archeology display of bone objects will include fibre arts tools.

Speaking of nalbinding, I have messed around with the technique again.  Haven't made any fabric worth showing yet and my grasp of the stitch is shaky but I joined ends and made a round with F2 connections, and I successfully spliced yarn.  This is definitely progress.  I had the opportunity to sit with an instructor and a group of people also trying out nalbinding.  This time I'm using a hairy store-bought Icelandic singles yarn, Álafoss Lopi, and it's more suitable than the rug weft I tried last time.

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