January 25, 2012

Article about Hampshire Wool

I overdid it when combing the Hampshire wool and tired myself out, and as a result that project is on hold right now.  I'll pick it up again soon.

In the meantime, I read Deborah Pulliam's article, "Fiber Basics: Hampshire" in Spin•Off Spring 1998, p. 48-53, in which the author writes, "While not lustrous, Hampshire wool doesn't look flat and chalky as does the fleece of many other down breeds."  I like wool with lustre best, so it makes sense that I chose Hampshire wool out of the assortment of down breeds I selected from.

I don't know if you do that, if you turn to books other people have written on your topic, in order to get inspiration to get a project going again.  The article shows photos of sample yarns and swatches as well as helpful specifications for spinning Hampshire wool into sock yarn.  You want a 45 degree angle of twist, apparently.

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